Nazmeen Rasheed - Family Law Specialist

Professional legal advice in all areas of family law

Nazmeen is a specialist family lawyer who has had hundreds of successful cases in the Family Court.

Nazmeen's practice involves all aspects of family law, please click on practice areas for full details. She is regularly appointed by the Court to represent children in custody disputes.

Nazmeen is a member of the Family Law Section. She accepts both private and legal aid instructions.

Nazmeen has built a reputation as a professional and competent lawyer. She will assess your case and provide you with all your options in a straightforward and cost-effective way.

Practice Areas

  • Domestic Violence Protection orders
  • Day to day care and contact (custody and access)
  • Guardianship and relocation
  • Child care and protection (CYFS)
  • Adoption
  • Family Protection and Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act claims
  • PPPR applications (welfare/guardian for the elderly)
  • Relationship property including division of assets during a relationship or after separation
  • Maintenance applications

Custody and Access

Do you have children under the age of 16 and have recently separated ? It's a good idea to set out the care arrangements and visiting times in writing or get a court order.

Have you been served with court documents or proceedings under the care of children act ? You need to act fast.

Nazmeen can help you respond to these documents and ensure that you get visiting rights with your children without delay.

Guardianship and Access

Are you concerned you do not have a say in important decisions affecting your child? In most situations a natural parent is a guardian of a child. As a guardian you have a legal right to be involved in all important decisions.

You are entitled to have a say in what school your child goes to, where they live, or what religion they follow. You have these rights regardless of how often you see your children.

Grandparents or other family members who have care of a child can also apply to the family court to be appointed as a guardian. Contact Nazmeen for advice about guardianship.

Order Preventing Removal Of Children From New Zealand

If you are worried your child may be taken out of the country without your consent, you can prevent your child from leaving by applying for an order preventing removal in the family court.

These applications need to be made promptly. If the application is granted a border alert is sent to Interpol so the child cannot travel overseas.

This means neither party can remove the child from New Zealand without the other party's consent or unless the court permits the discharge of the order. Often the court will ask for the child's passport to be surrendered to the family court until the dispute is resolved.

Family Violence and Protection Orders

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone. Do you feel unsafe around your husband or partner? Are you worried about your children's safety? Family violence includes physical abuse, psychological abuse (including unwanted text messaging, verbal threats and harassment), sexual abuse and financial abuse (restricting your access to money, or not allowing you to work).

If you are in an abusive relationship, Nazmeen can help you apply for a protection order in the family court. If you are worried about legal fees, you may be eligible for legal aid.

Have you been served with a temporary protection order? Do you dispute the facts? You need the expertise of a family lawyer. Nazmeen has successfully defended many protection order cases. Contact us today.


Do you want the court to name the father of your child? You can do this by applying for a paternity order. The family court can also declare that a man is not the father of a child.

The court can recommend a DNA test to assist in determining paternity. Have you been served with an application for a paternity order ?

Nazmeen can assist you with responding to these documents.

Care and Protection

Have your children been uplifted from your care? CYFS can apply for custody orders for children through the family court if there is evidence of neglect, abuse or care and protection concerns.

Dealing with CYFS is never straightforward. It's always best to get specialist legal advice about your rights.

Relationship Property

Recently separated ? Wanting to protect your assets as you enter a new relationship? Unsure of your legal rights ?

If you are going through a separation and have assets and liabilities it's important to obtain legal advice about division of these assets. Nazmeen has settled many relationship property cases and can help you straight away.

Applying For A Divorce

In New Zealand you need to be separated for two years before you can apply for a dissolution of marriage.

The application can be joint (which means the dissolution is consented to by both parties) or single (where one party makes the application). The application is made in the family court.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is government funding to pay for legal help for people who cannot afford a lawyer. It is available for people facing family court disputes. I am contracted to the Ministry of Justice to provide legal aid services in family and civil litigation, to those who qualify.

Family matters including

  • Relationship property division
  • Child support or maintenance
  • Care of children matters
  • Protection orders
  • Care and protection orders for children and young persons
  • Adoption
  • Paternity